Interview In&Win

An app to boost traffic to brick and mortar businesses

Earning points only by visiting shops and even without making any purchase seems crazy and yet this is the bet made by the Geneva based startup In & Win. Thanks to its mobile application, In & Win wants to put digital technologies at the service of retail businesses. The promise is clear, bring more visibility and traffic to physical stores. We interviewed Alessandro Magrì, CEO of In & Win, for whom the future of shopping will be necessarily online and offline.

A simple definition of crowdfunding

Definition of crowdfunding

What is crowdfunding? Some refers to it as crowd financing, equity crowdfunding or crowd-sourced fundraising. Whatever the term you use,  the concept remains the same; crowdfunding is an alternative project financing method which uses Internet and the social networks to collect small amounts of capital from a large community. The idea is that with many participants, each making a small contribution, it is possible to finance large-scale projects.

Good to be at Work

It is good to be at work!

We all spend a lot of time at work. For some of us, the time spent with our colleagues can exceed the time we spend with family and/or friends. As such, it is more and more important for any worker (whether he is a freelance, or employed by a multinational company) to feel at home while they are at work.


Will Switzerland be the next Fintech hub?

It is no secret Fintech startups are getting a lot of attention. Fintech is the new hype in the startup world and more and more investors are getting interested by young startups aiming to revolutionize the old financial system.