Good to be at Work

It is good to be at work!

We all spend a lot of time at work. For some of us, the time spent with our colleagues can exceed the time we spend with family and/or friends. As such, it is more and more important for any worker (whether he is a freelance, or employed by a multinational company) to feel at home while they are at work. This is exactly what is proposing nomadspace, a young and promising startup based in Geneva, with its new concept of innovative and intelligent working spaces. nomadspace is currently E-pitching on Bee Invested. For the occasion, we have interviewed Jacques Rouèche, CEO and founder of nomadspace.

Can you describe nomadspace in one sentence ?

Nomadspace is a unique working space designed with wellness and flexibility as its core values, in order to better answer our client’s needs and aspirations.

What led you to become an Entrepreneur?

After several years spent working for international companies, I wanted to replace human wellness at the heart of my activities. This led me to create nomadspace, an exclusive space where reality, creativity and interactivity are taking over virtuality, standardization and formatted processes. Nothing is more enriching and rewarding than diversity!

Something funny/interesting anecdote about nomadspace?

I do not have a particular anecdote in mind, but when I think about nomadspace and look back on what we have achieved the past two years, I can only think that it is the most incredible and human experience I have ever had.  I am grateful to all the persons who have supported me and have been involved in nomadspace in any ways. It is incredible how the nomadspace project has attracted sympathy and interest from many and diverse people. Every discussion I had, every person I’ve met has always spurred me from the beginning of this adventure.

Which advice would you give to a young entrepreneur?

I would have many to give, but the ones I am mentioning here are fundamental:

  • Budget two to three more time than expected for each phase of the project
  • Never make any compromise about the quality of your product
  • Have a clear vision and stick to it
  • Persevere, persevere, persevere

Your role model?

Sir Richard Branson, because of his leadership and strong ethics. His consideration for human beings, life and nature are constantly present in every project he runs and every decision he makes.

Do you want to know more about nomadspace and ask your questions directly to Jacques? See you soon on nomadspace‘s page.

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