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I’m closing down my startup and this is how it feels.

It’s time to hang up my boots. But I don’t have boots. I have a T-shirt. Actually, several branded T-shirts, which I wore proudly almost every day for the last 18 months. I wore them in the sun and in the rain, at the office and on business trips, when we won startup competitions, got accepted to top acceleration programs, raised seed capital, and appeared on TV shows… but I also wore them when we didn’t – when it was tough, frustrating, or just was. I love my shirts, but now that it’s over, it would be quite depressing for me to put them on again.

Everybody knows the stats. Only 2.5% of startups succeed. But who cares about statistics anyway? Every day we read about another startup making a successful exit. Every other day, one of our friends announces that she raised millions in VC funding. These stories fill us with joy and vigor – it’s possible, it’s happening, we just have to stay the course, focus, work hard, keep trying, and it will come upon us too…

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