A simple definition of crowdfunding

Definition of crowdfunding

What is crowdfunding? Some refers to it as crowd financing, equity crowdfunding or crowd-sourced fundraising. Whatever the term you use,  the concept remains the same; crowdfunding is an alternative project financing method which uses Internet and the social networks to collect small amounts of capital from a large community. The idea is that with many participants, each making a small contribution, it is possible to finance large-scale projects.


Is equity crowdfunding easy money?

Crowdfunding is changing the way startups are funded, whether it takes the form of pre-orders for reward based crowdfunding or a direct participation in the capital of companies such as equity crowdfunding.

Bee Invested en ligne

Good news, we are online !

Bee invested is an Equity Crowdfunding (or crowdinvesting) platform which is on a mission to democratize private equity in order to better finance swiss startups.


4 Reasons to Finance Your Startup by Crowdfunding

Crowdfunding has the wind in its sails and is becoming more and more used for the financing of startups. Is this an effect of a trend, or a true viable alternative? What would I gain from financing my startup by crowdfunding rather than by a Business Angel or Investment Funds?