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An app to boost traffic to brick and mortar businesses

Earning points only by visiting shops and even without making any purchase seems crazy and yet this is the bet made by the Geneva based startup In & Win. Thanks to its mobile application, In & Win wants to put digital technologies at the service of retail businesses. The promise is clear, bring more visibility and traffic to physical stores. We interviewed Alessandro Magrì, CEO of In & Win, for whom the future of shopping will be necessarily online and offline.

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In & Win is the mobile app that invents “smart shopping” and makes its users win every time!

How In&Win is revolutionizing the shopping experience?

In & Win is the first application in Switzerland that transforms shopping in physical stores into a personalized and magical experience. It allows customers to be recognized as soon as they enter a partner store (like a real-world “cookie”) and welcome them with customized offers and recommendations. A unique opportunity for merchants to offer the right product to the right person, right on their smartphone, at the most convenient time. In & Win app users earn gift points simply by entering partner stores. These points (called “wins”) are automatically credited to their smartphones at each shop visit, and can be redeemed for vouchers or donated to charities

What are your plans?

Accelerate the deployment of the application in Switzerland, then expand our offer internationally, starting with France and the UK.

Your biggest challenge as an entrepreneur?

To create a virtuous circle between the adoption of our application by users on one side, and by the brands and shops on the other side. It is a perilous exercise: you have to be very creative and progress gradually but surely on both sides.

Which advice would you give to a first time entrepreneur?

Believe hard in what you do and be very stubborn! And of course, the network …

Who is your main role model?

Two: Jean-Baptiste Rudelle of Criteo and Howard Schultz of Starbucks

Few words about Bee Invested

A key partner in this crucial phase of accelerating our development, Bee Invested has helped us structure our approach.

In&Win is currently raising funds on Bee Invested. Have a look to its profile and learn more about this promising startup.

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